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Open General is a completely free turn-based strategy game that, in the words of its creator, is the evolution of the legendary 'Panzer General II' from Strategic Simulations Inc. So much so that all the content developed for that game is compatible with this one.

In Open General, you can choose from several different campaigns that take you through very different historical periods. From the Spanish Civil War, where you can take part in either side during different battles, through the Cold War or World War II to the Roman Empire, it will allow you to experience some very intense confrontations.

The gameplay, once you're on the map, is very similar to 'Panzer General II'. That is, you have to move all your units around a board made up of hexagons, attack your enemies, and ultimately fulfill a number of specific objectives given at the beginning of each mission. All this, though, as in any strategy game, follows strict rules based on the attributes and info for each unit, the type of terrain, and so on.

Besides the single-player mode so typical of this type of game, Open General also allows you to test yourself against other players via the Internet. To do so, you can play the classic game by e-mail, exchanging moves via messages.

As if all that weren't enough, Open General also comes with a level editor that allows you, with a bit time and dedication, to create your own campaigns from scratch.

Open General is a giant turn-based war strategy game that includes enough content to keep any lover of the genre glued to the screen for dozens of hours. And all this comes completely free.
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